About us

Polish Chamber of Packaging (PIO) was established in the year 1994 as an association assembling manufacturers and users.

It's main task is to represent interests of companies manufacturing packaging materials, containers and machines, as well as printing plants acting in packaging area. PIO organizes business trips for their members to major international exhibitions, promoting Polish packaging industry. The Chamber is also busy in organizing conferences and training devoted to the organizations and management of a company, and also progress in technology, laws and regulations. It also propagates among the members a code of good business practices (business ethics).

PIO represents its members against the state and self-governments agencies, transmitting their opinions and motions. It also participates in the making of business laws.

PIO cooperates with the similar organizations in other countries, supporting the presence of Polish packaging companies on foreign markets. It also manages data base on trade offers and cooperation opportunities.

Membership of a company in PIO verifies its credibility as a trade partner. Activities of PIO manages its President elected by the General Assembly for the four years' term.

General Assembly is the supreme Authority of the Chamber. General Assemblies take place once a year. In between, decisions are taken by the PIO Council.

As of the year 2000, the post of the PIO President is held by Professor Stanislaw Tkaczyk.